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Egg Whites and Lemon Juice Face Mask

imagesCAI6V2DZI am sure there is a rational scientific explanation as to why egg whites and lemon juice makes for a fantastic face mask, but I am not interested in scientific clarification. I am only interested in the fact that any time I miss the opportunity to slather the mixture on my face….I break out.

You see, I am a 38 year old over-stressed mom of two teens, wife to a husband who keeps me on my toes, and as if my daily junk wasn’t enough, I decided a couple of years ago to go back to college. So suffice it to say, my skin is a mess because of the stress I endure, the dirt my kids and husband subject me to, and the constant hand-to-face action I subject my face to.

So here is the short list describing my facial skin: recurring acne, some acne scars, age spots (ugh), rosacea, and extremely dry skin. Sucks, right?

I have tried so many things to change, enhance, or fix my skin issues, it is actually embarrassing the amount of money I have spent in the search for perfect skin. I have absolved that my feat for perfect skin is unattainable, but I have found something that has brought my goal darn close…..EGGS and LEMONS!!!
Here it goes:
1 egg white
1tsp. of lemon juice
Whisk the mixture until it is frothy. Simply apply the mixture to your face. You can actually seal up the mixture in a container and use it several times. I use mine every other day and can make it last for a week.

Now, I am sure there is a proper way to apply the mixture, but I am lazy. I simply dip my fingers in the mixture and smooth it over my face. It dries fast and your face will feel very tight. I dare you not to laugh…it feels funny. So, I usually do this well before bed and I allow it to stay on my face for about an hour or so. After you wash off the mask, put on some face moisturizer.

I promise this will make your skin feel amazing. I know there are various skin types out there and perhaps this mask may not work for everyone, but for me: my age spots are lighter, my acne dries out and goes away faster, my dry skin patches are gone, and my skin is so much smoother. This has not by any means cured my skin issues, but I use a lot less BB Cream and Powder on my face now….which is a miracle for me.

The biggest thing this mask has done for me… lessen the fine lines in my face. I call that a SUCCESS!!!

Best of luck my friends,
Just Jen


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