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Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

Survey Link I am an Anthropology student in my final year of school. I have a final research project to conduct as a capstone to my education and I am asking for participation in a survey. I would greatly appreciate any support, but just know that this project is limited to a small population of… Continue reading Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

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Stereotyped Native Peoples in American Advertising

Link takes you to a prezi presentation I was fortunate enough to take part in an American Indian studies course in Fall of 2015; it was incredibly informative. I have decided to publish a link to a collaborative project that I took part in and of which I find important as I do not think that… Continue reading Stereotyped Native Peoples in American Advertising

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Christmas With Fireball

   I don’t typically overindulge in alcoholic libations in excess but this past Christmas was an exception. I truly excelled at my potential for overconsumption. It all started with one dreary night….naw, not really. It all started when I discovered that I really – I mean REALLY – like the whiskey Fireball. Cursed drink!!! My father… Continue reading Christmas With Fireball

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The Day My Son Got Busted By A Drug Sniffing Dog, Well Almost

It has been quite a while since I have genuinely laughed out loud, in fact, I laughed so loud I actually made the guy in front of me at Starbucks jump and look at me as though I needed some help; I had forgotten how loud my snorts are. So what could possibly make me… Continue reading The Day My Son Got Busted By A Drug Sniffing Dog, Well Almost

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A Long Absence Because of My Porker Status

What a year I have had: full of new adventures, disappointments, experiences, love, grief, laughter, and most of all change. My mad capers started last summer when I decided to attend my 20th High School Reunion….stupid mistake. I was feeling accomplished and had much to share with my classmates, unfortunately for me, not too many… Continue reading A Long Absence Because of My Porker Status

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Supination and Underpronation

For clarification purposes, supination and underpronation are the two terms used to describe an individual who either walks or runs on the outside of his or her foot.  Supination is not unusual, but excessive supination/underpronation is. It should be noted that underpronation causes stress on the outside of the foot and it also causes one to… Continue reading Supination and Underpronation