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A Long Absence Because of My Porker Status

What a year I have had: full of new adventures, disappointments, experiences, love, grief, laughter, and most of all change. My mad capers started last summer when I decided to attend my 20th High School Reunion….stupid mistake. I was feeling accomplished and had much to share with my classmates, unfortunately for me, not too many of my old school mates recognized me. I couldn’t understand why, after all I hadn’t changed all that much: still tall, still blonde, and still friendly. I was dumbfounded, that is of course until all the pictures from the nights events had been posted to our reunion site. I finally found one of me, although I must admit that I had passed by the photo several times, I didn’t even recognize myself….I was chubby. I knew I had gained some weight and that my jean size was increasing, but I didn’t really know I had gained so much weight until I saw that photo. Right, got it. I am a porker. Well, no more.

From September to now, I have dropped 35lbs; I went from 190lbs. to 155lbs and/or a size 14/16 to a size 8/10. I am tall so 155lbs is a good weight for me, although my goal is to get to 145-150. Right now, I have successfully kept the weight off and I have started running again. I feel great and have plenty of energy. My success does not come from some crazy diet or fad but from hard work and calorie counting. I do owe a big thanks to juicing, which I will discuss some other time, and to my husband who was away for 5 months with work, so I was able to selfishly focus on myself.

I realize I should have been blogging the entire time I was losing the weight, but frankly my mind was a little hazy adjusting to my healthy ways….yep, less calories certainly took some getting used to. My hypoglycemia took a while to balance out, but I barely get dizzy anymore because I finally figured out how to eat for it…only took 20 years or so.

I am back now and I have a lot to share. Boy have I got some great stories to share. They are of course humor-filled at my expense, but that is quite all right.

Best wishes my friends,

Just Jen


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